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This group is for sharing information and discussing the Colorado 14er Event. See A place to share plans, ideas, reports and photos about the Colorado 14er Event, an amateur radio operating event held during August from the top of Colorado's 14,000 foot mountains. <br><br> - See the Files section for useful information along with reports from prior events.<br> - Photos can be uploaded for sharing with group members<br> - Relevant URLs are located in Bookmarks<br> - Indicate your 14er event operating plans in the "database" section<br> Discussion of mountaintop radio operating (in general) is also appropriate in this group. <br>
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  • ham14er | taskforce / Colorado 14er Event Task Force
    This subgroup is for the Colorado 14er Event Task Force, the team that manages the event. This subgroup is private, only Task Force members can participate and view the discussion.
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