14er Event Publicity Director

Bob Witte K0NR <k0nr-list@...>

The Colorado 14er Event Task Force is looking for a volunteer to be
the Publicity Director for the 14er Event this year. The idea behind
this is to ensure that we have strong coverage of the usual
communication channels.

I think this job can be mostly just organizing the effort with other
people lending a hand. Roughly speaking, I'd think the Publicity
Director would need to do the following:
- Update the 14er Event Flyer for 2004
- Compose an email announcing the event and sent it to Colorado
ham clubs, appropriate mailing lists (coham@... for example),
post a message on and
- Make sure flyers get distributed at all of the Colorado swap
fests from now until the event (you can get help from other
people going to the swap fests, so you don't have to go
- Ask people to mention the event at hamfests, local nets and club

Someone with creativity and energy can certainly improve on this list
and figure out how to do it better. I am just putting out a basic
approach that will likely work.

Let me know if you would be willing to do this to help make the event
a success.

Bob K0NR