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The is on the "old"
14er Event web site. If you use the URL,
it will always point to the right site.

Bob K0NR

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Here's another good site with 14er distance/bearing/location data:


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Mark Caviezel KC0JHQ for Torrey's peak... tried to
modify my comments, but said no permission.
was going to add
"2 m and 440" have made a very cool 2m 3 element
tape measure yagi, that, if the winds are modest, I
will deploy and ping to far off mountain tops with the
extra low power 100 mW setting on the D7."

Say, is there a lat/long database of the summits?
This would be just the thing to poke into my gps so
that I can ID different peaks (sorry, new to CO, don't
know all of what I see when I am up there)