14er Plans

Jeff <n0xdw@...>

Thanks for all the good responses. I am looking forward to the trip report to know what to expect. I believe we will continue with the original plan
depending of course on a favorable report

Phil Krichbaum wrote:

I doubt the crampons or ice axe will be advised come Aug 10 as it has been
very warm. Hopefully the report from the climbers going there this weekend
will help. I suspose you could call a climbing store in Estes Park or maybe
Boulder that would be more helpful than the Park Service. The Park service
is probably worried about you sueing them so are on the conservatative side.
Holy Cross is a nice overnight camping trip. You go over half moon pass and
camp out near a stream and old mining cabin. It is not far from there to
hike up to Lake Patricia for some fishing.
73 Phil N0KE (Vail)