14er-to-14er Distances and contacts

Bob Witte K0NR <k0nr-list@...>

Good discussion on the 14er distances.

To answer Paul's question about what was the longest distance 14er-to-
14er contact THIS YEAR, I am not sure. Given the geography, it almost
has to be a contact with Longs Peak. I don't see a Longs Peak log
here on my computer but I may have lost it. Jeff (N0XDW)?

The longest possible 14er-to-14er contact (as Eric KC0CAV reported)
is between Culebra and Longs. However, Culebra is on private land and
is not accessible during the event. (Probably is accessible other
times during the summer.) So Eric has the right strategy: go down to
the San Juans and try to work Longs.

The distance data between 14ers is in an excel file on the yahoo
groups site (Files section). I can't seem to download it right now,
so there may be a problem with the server. The data was put together
by Alan Silverstein (N0MFW). You might think you could just pull up
the USGS data but Alan tells me that it is not that simple. He did
quite a bit of research to get the right lat/lon and then calculate
the distances.

There is also a cool map of Colorado with 14ers shown that K0CAO
loaded into the Files section (Yahoo groups).

Another thing to look at are some comments I wrote up on power level
and antenna gain at At the
bottom, I give some rules of thumb based on how well people seem to
do during the event.

If I were going for the long distance record, I would definitely
arrange for small yagis on both ends. I am not sure this is
absolutely necessary but I'd want the extra margin. I'd also consider
the use of SSB as it really is superior to FM at low signal levels.
Roughly speaking, it could buy you another 6 to 10 dB of margin.

Bob K0NR