New 14er group

Dan Hupp <dhupp4@...>

Hi all,

I just got done moving everyone from the 14ers@... mailing list
into this Yahoo groups site, it will function in much the same way as
the other mailing list and you never need to visit the Yahoo site
although I encourage you to take advantage of the features offered

We now have a place for files, photos and a much better way to
coordinate efforts.

Sorry about the folks I goofed up on, you don't need to reply to the
invite message as I subscribed you directly. Anybody who doesn't
want to be a member of the group just follow the unsubscribe
instructions in the initial email or email me directly at
dhupp4@... and I will unsubscribe you.

The 14ers@... list will stay up but I hope that most of the
activity moves over here. Right now everyone is subscribed to both
lists. I envision this group as the get-together place to discuss
the event and make plans along with holding general information while
the other one will be used for announcments for the most part.

Dan Hupp, N0TZL
Sec. 14er Task Force