IAAS & DPS North High Amateur Radio Group Mt. Evans Plans...

kb0qqw <crand@...>

Hi All,

Our preliminary plans for the 2002 14er include not only 2m FM, but
also, we'll be trying 2m SSB. 6m FM, 6m SSB, 440mhz FM, 1.2ghz FM,
HF SSB & HF CW stations are also planned. Oh yeah, we're going to
bring a signal mirror as well. That will round out our Mt. Evans
station. I don't know specifics on the HF SSB & HF CW stations in
terms of bands & such yet, but once we get that determined, we'll
publish them here.

I would like to see what others are bringing with them. I realize
that the walkup/hikeup/campout mountains are not able to bring as
much gear with them.