Tape Measure Yagi Antennas


Thanks Bob
Thanks, that's a good one for hiking.

Well, we will not be going out of state for any reason this summer (racing or
Jeff's next launch). We have been cutting low hanging tree limbs and cleaning
out ground cover. Last week was kind of an awakening event though not very
I did work the evacuation school near here and listened in on Forrest Service

And now we have snow.

Still plan to make 14er on Bross.


Walt W4HXC



Bob Witte, K0NR <list@...>

14er Event List:

Greg KC0ADT and Eric KC0CAV both provided me with some info
on Yagi antennas that are built using tape measure material for
the they can roll up easily. This makes for a
very compact and portable antenna.

You might consider building one for the 14er event.
Take a look at the two URLs below.

Bob K0NR

It is not my idea, but it is a great one. Here is the web site.
I like the fact that there is no long piece of metal to attract
lightening. I roll the tape elements and secure them for transport. It
works well, although perhaps not as well as an Arrow Antenna. Size and
weight in a pack are excellent. I now carry it on all hikes.

Bob Witte K0NR wrote:

Greg, Eric,
Both of you guys sent me photos that had yagi antennas made out
of tape measures (for the elements). Did you both dream this up
on your own? Or is there a standard design out there for this?
I would think other people would be interested in this idea.


Bob Witte
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When my son was into foxhunting a couple years ago, someone gave him a URL
for a tape measure yagi because it was nice and portable and rugged for
RDF'ing. It turns out it is really nice for backpacking and hiking,
because it collapses down to a small package and is pretty light.

I searched google for tape measure yagi and the first hit
( looks like the
page Daniel used for plans. He has built a few of them and is pleased
with their performance.

BTW, Daniel was carrying one around the PPRAA hamfest in Monument last
year (hoping someone would buy it). I can probably talk him into bringing
one or two along next month, if you'd like to see it in person.

Eric Krohn