ac0ak mt sniktau 13er xpedition wrap up

K. Mark Caviezel

sub freezing temps, 30 mph winds with higher gusts.
blowing snow. We made it about 4 minutes from the
loveland pass parking lot and decided it would be a
lot more fun to go back to the car. I called CQ on
146.52 with 30W from my mobile rig, but was not
surprised to get no response as there were a couple
big mountains there to block VHF.

- KMC ac0ak


146.52 has been taken over by a bunch of ex-CBers here in the Denver area and
they don't know the meaning of "NATIONAL CALLING CHANNEL", so a lot of us
have stopped monitoring the channel.

If you don't get a chance to post here before you leave, you might be better
to let the word out on one of the wide area repeaters, 146.94 or 146.67, that
you will be looking for contacts on xxx.xx frequency.

Art - KC7GF
Golden, CO