Band plans and power levels

Bob Witte KB0CY <list@...>

The 14er Event Task Force has been discussing the issue of
interference problems during the 14er Event. Basically, there has
been some adjacent channel interference from stations on one
summit to nearby adjacent summits. This has been particularly
noticeable on drive-up summits (with mobile stations running
higher power than handheld units). The biggest problem seems to
center on the Bross/Lincoln/Democrat area but other mountains
have been affected.

The Task Force mostly discussed two main remedies for this problem:
1. Limit the output power during the event
2. Change the band plan to move the drive-up mountains
further away in frequency (down to the 146 MHz range)
to increase the frequency separation between handhelds
and high power stations.

After a very lively debate about the merits of these ideas, the
Task Force basically concluded to not change the rules of the event
nor the band plan at this time.

However, the Task Force did agree to:
- Make participants aware of these interference problems, especially
when stations run high power.
- Remind participants that most of the mountaintop stations are
running handheld radios with < 5 Watts of output power.
- Remind participants that the FCC regulations say "use minimum
power necessary" to carry on a communication.
- Encourage high power stations to avoid running more than 50W of
power during the 10 AM to noon time window, which is prime operating
time for the hike-up operators.

In summary, this is a "let's see if we can all cooperate and get along"
to the problem. We agreed to try this...if the problem continues, we will
revisit the issue again next year.

For more information on this, contact a member of the Task Force, who are

Bob KB0CY, Andy AA0CM, Chris KB0QQW, Dan N0TZL,
Walt W4HXC, Greg KC0ADT, Jeff N0XDW


Bob Witte