Colo 14er Event planned activity - no Pikes, Bross, Evans?

Bob Witte K0NR <k0nr-list@...>

Update on 14er Event signups....

Listed below (I hope this formats OK through the yahoo groups list), is the signup list for 14er event plans. To indicate your intention, please visit the yahoo groups site at (If you have trouble getting into the database, just send an email to info@... and we'll get the right information posted.

I've had to cancel our usual operation from the top of Pikes Peak, so that peak presently has no one planning to operate there. In addition, I note that no one has indicated that they will be operating from Bross or Evans. This means that the three drive-up 14ers are open at this time. These are normally in demand since they are MUCH easier to access.

Columbia WE7C Glen Noble K7FL VHF & UHF; will also have 817 for HF, I could not edit the first entry to add K7FL
Longs Peak NØXDW Jeff Gerst NØXDW KØLMD If Possible we will try to make it to the top with HF (20,17,15,and 10) capability along with SSB on 432 and probably 2 Meters using FT-817 QRP and Buddipole antenna. Tentatively planning to reserve campsite below the key hole the night before.
Mount Eolus KC0GBK Steve Bunch none Operating 2m with Alinco DJ-V5 and home brew 4 el quad. All aboard!
Mount Huron KC0BPX Michael (FITZ) Fitzgeralds My Wife Jeannine Plan on camping along Clear Creek prior to Event, will take 2M with directional antenna, and try to find a portable HF rig. Will start at gate at 6am.
Pikes Peak K0YB - cancelled Due to family commitments, Bob K0NR won't be on Pikes Peak this year.
Snowmass AC7SX Joe Delwiche Number in group: 2 - 4 (I will be only ham operator as far as I know) Bands/Modes: 2 m FM + hopefully, 20 m CW; 6 m SSB

Bob Witte K0NR
(formerly KB0CY)

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