Colorado 14er Event - operating plans

Bob Witte, K0NR <list@...>

Colorado 14er Event
The Yahoo groups signup system seems to be working on OK. The list of
planned event operations is shown below.

To get to the ham14er yahoo page, goto

To indicate your plans for mountaintop operation during the event,
add a record to "Mountaintop Operating Plans" in the "Database" section.

If you have trouble with accessing the site, you can always ask someone
else to enter the data for you (including me...just send me an
email at k0nr@...).


Mountain Callsign Operator Name Comments
Longs Peak NXDW Jeff Gerst If any one has a burning
desire to do Longs please send me a note @ noxdw@...,
I may reconsider.. any one who would like to help carry eqpment
is more than welcome. any sherpas?

Longs Peak N0EC Ron Galbraith Will have 4 element yagi
on 144, and operate FM, and SSB with a FT-817

Mount Yale KC7KDZ AND W0KQX Larry White (KC7KDZ) and Ron Frame (W0KQX)
We have been investigating your event for several months now and have
decided that we would like to participate. After reading your book
"Colorado's Folurteeners From Hikes to Climbs) we have decided we
would like to climb Mount Yale.

Mt Bierstadt KC0FSN Debbie Mewes Also Dirk Mewes (KC0EXR),
Jonathan Troup (K0DE) and Stephan Troup

Mt Bross N0KE Phil This was entered by Bob K0NR.
Contact Phil at pfkski@...

Mt. Bross N0TZL Dan Hupp The more the merrier, large flat
summit so no really high power please. Email n0tzl@... or
discuss plans on the ham14er group site.

Mt. Bross W4HXC Walt Hope to join Dan. Sorry I missed last
year, due to date conflict. It looks clear for ths year.

Mt. Evans KB0UAA The IAAS & DPS North High School Amateur Radio Group
We'll be on the mtn early in the morning to get the best parking spaces.
Others are welcome in the late morning & afternoon. We plan to leave about

Pikes Peak K0YB Bob (K0NR, ex-KB0CY) plus others
We can usually accomodate additional operators...please send me
an email at k0nr@... if you are interested.

Quandary Peak KC0MGS John Maki I'm a new ham but somewhat
of a 14er veteran. I'll be climbing Quandary via the 3rd class west
ridge to keep things interesting.

San Luis WE7C Glen Noble Tentative plans, might also
include W0FD, 2 meters and 440 FM

Torrey's Peak 14267 KC0JHQ K. Mark Caviezel
5 Mile hike from Loveland pass.... will have some non ham friends,
other hams more than welcome to join in... kmcaviezel@... to contact

Bob Witte