Colorado 14er Event - Colorado Connection

Bob Witte, K0NR <list@...>

This is the first year that we will be using the Colorado
Connection Repeater System for passing information during the
14er Event. We've received permission from the Colorado
Connection people to do this.

A few very important points:

- Do not monopolize the repeater system, make sure
other users have access to it. Leave breaks between
- We will have a net control station in place but
it will be an informal net. Net Control will
keep track of what summits are on the air and
share that information with interested parties.
- 14er Stations can check in with Net Control when
they are on the air, on the summit. However, if
the repeater system gets busy, this can be a real
time waster, so don't feel like you have to do it.
(We will be scanning the bands and will probably
know you are on the air via that method.)
- Please don't start making 14er contacts on the
repeater system. If this turns into a test of
whether you can hit the Colorado Connection, then
we might as well all stay home! The 14er Event is
a simplex event.
- Be advised there is a statewide ARES net that
uses the Connection system starting at 830 local
time. We will need to wait until they are finished
before using the system.