Colorado 14er Event - NEXT SUNDAY !!!!!

Bob Witte, K0NR <list@...>

Amateur Radio Fun in the Colorado Mountains
Sunday, August 25, 2002

Amateur Radio operators from around Colorado will be climbing many
of Colorado's 14,000-foot mountains to set up amateur radio
stations in an effort to communicate with other radio amateurs
across the state and around the world.

Join in on the fun Sunday, August 25th and see how many
of the mountaintop stations you can contact. The prime
operating hours are from approximately 9 AM to noon local
time (1500 to 1800 UTC), but activity may occur at other times
during the day. Most mountaintop stations will be running low
power handheld radios. Stations running high power need to keep
in mind that they can interfere with stations they cannot hear.
Radio operators with 14er hiking experience who wish to participate
should indicate their intent at,
send an e-mail to info@... or
contact Bob KNR, (719) 488-0859.

To subscribe to the event mailing list, visit the yahoo groups site.

The Colorado Connection Repeater System will be used to share
coordination information during the event. Please share the
system with other users and do not use it to work the mountaintop
stations. The intent of this event is to use simplex only.

Frequencies used during the event
The 2M FM band plan uses a "primary frequency and QSY up"
approach. Frequencies are no longer assigned by mountain range.

The primary 2M FM frequency is 147.42 MHz. At the beginning of
the event, operators should try calling on 147.42
MHz. As activity increases on that frequency, operators
should move up the frequency using the standard channel
spacing used in Colorado (15 kHz). The next standard simplex
frequency up from 147.42 MHz is 147.435 MHz, followed by 147.45,
147.465, 147.480, 147.495, 147.51, 147.525, 147.54, 147.555,
147.57 MHz. As activity increases, operators should spread out
on the band. As activity decreases, operators should move back
closer to the primary simplex frequency.

Frequency (MHz) Comments
147.42 Primary 2M FM Frequency, then up in 15 kHz steps
223.5 Primary 222 MHz FM frequency
446.000 Primary 70 cm FM frequency
446.025 Alternate 70 cm FM frequency
52.525 Primary 6M FM frequency
1294.5 Primary 1.2 GHz FM frequency
144.200 2M SSB calling frequency
50.125 6M SSB calling frequency
14.060 20M CW Frequency
21.060 15M CW Frequency
28.060 10M CW Frequency
14.260 20M SSB Frequency
21.330 15M SSB Frequency
28.350 10M SSB Frequency

Other Bands/Modes
Standard calling frequencies and/or band plans apply.
Warning: Climbing mountains is inherently a dangerous activity.
Do not attempt this without proper training, equipment and preparation.
For Colorado Connection Repeater frequencies see

Sponsored by The Colorado 14er Event Task Force

Stephen M Moraco <stephen_moraco@...>

Bob, Bdale,

I just learned yesterday eve' that my company is not
coming in until Monday.

I am willing to play. Same setup as last year? (or
is that taken?)

Bdale, are the deep-cycle battery and monitor
avail. for use?

Stephen M. Moraco

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