Colorado 14er Event Update

Bob Witte, K0NR <list@...>

ham14er list:

The web page for the Colorado 14er Event has been completely reworked.
Now would be a good time to review it carefully, especially the
Operating Guidelines. The URL is

People indicating their plans for the event are coming in slower than
other years. If you are planning to participate, please let the rest
of the group know by posting your plans at

You'll have to sign onto the yahoo groups page. If you have any trouble
with this, just let me know and we'll work it out.

A few important points:

- Hiking in the mountains can be hazardous to your health....make sure
you are properly prepared.
- The primary 2M FM frequency is 147.42 MHz, then move up in 15 kHz
increments as activity increases. (This is the same as last year,
see the web page for more info.)
- Feel free to try whatever bands and modes you'd like during the event.
This event is NOT limited to 2M FM.
- New this year: The Colorado Connection Repeater System will be used
to pass status information for the event.
* Your use of the repeater system should be limited to passing
information to the net control station and other 14er stations
about your status (arriving at the summit, leaving the summit,
We don't want the 14er Event to turn into a repeater operating
Please do not use the Connection for general 14er contacts.
* Pause between transmissions on the takes a while
for the system to come up and we need to allow room for other
operators to break in. We must not monopolize the repeater
- Please take it easy on using high power (more than about 25W). Most of
mountaintop stations will be using handheld radios that output
2 to 5 watts. High power stations can easily interfere with stations
can't hear.

Bob Witte