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Colorado VHF Mountaintopping

Want to have some fun with ham radio in the Colorado mountains this
summer? We have two EXCELLENT opportunities for some mountaintop
radio action coming up in July and August: the CQ Worldwide VHF
Contest and the Colorado 14er Event.

The CQ Worldwide VHF Contest will be on July 17 and 18th. Unlike most
VHF contests, the CQ WW VHF uses only the 6 Meter (50 MHz) and 2
Meter (144 MHz) bands. More importantly, it has a new "Hilltopper"
category that is targeted at people that don't have the time and
energy to operate all weekend. This category is limited to a 6 hour
operating window and QRP power levels (10W max). Put this all
together and you have a 6-hour, mountain top operating event focused
on the two most popular VHF bands. This is just begging those FT-817
owners to charge up those batteries and give it a go on six and two

Complete rules are at:

If you are new to VHF contesting, take a look at the web page
"How to Work A VHF Contest":

The second opportunity is the Colorado 14er Event, which is Sunday
August 15th. The best place to be during this event is on top of one
of the 14,000-foot mountains. However, it is just as much fun working
the mountaintop stations from down below. (It is certainly less
work!) However, it helps to find a high spot, even if you aren't on
top of an official 14er. If you want a challenge, there is a new
award for working 10 or more 14er stations, which is very achievable
with a little effort. Most of the activity will be on 2M FM but many
other bands get used as well (including HF).

Check out the completely updated web site at


Bob K0NR