Crag Crest Log

Terry Carter

I had a great time activating Crag Crest on the Grand Mesa. it was a good alternative, since I was unable to activate Wetterhorn on Saturday. 

Here are some photos from the activation:

Here is the log:

16:08zK0GUZ144MHzFMNear Eggleston Lake, Grand Mesa
16:15zN4MMI144MHzFMMt. Antero
16:20zK0NR144MHzFMMonarch Ridge South
16:40zKB9DPF144MHzFMMonarch Ridge South (W0C/SP058)
16:55zN0NHJ144MHzFMSunlight Mountain (W0C/RP-004)
17:05zAA0CW144MHzFMMontrose, CO
17:30zK5RHD144MHzFMMt. Sneffels (W0C/UR-001)
17:43zN0KE144MHzFMMobile south of Silt, CO
18:33zKD5ZZK144MHzFMMt. Sneffels (W0C/UR-001)


Hey Terry,
I just looked to see where Craig's Crest is located. Cool stuff. Glad you stuck around and waited for us late arrivials. I didn't summit Mt Sneffels until after 11am.

Baton Rouge,LA
W5A-Arkansas SOTA manager