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Technically Handies was not so bad. Despite hitting the trail at 0600, I was still chased off the mountain by thunderstorms right around 1200. I was only able to work Randy and Andrew on VHF with a HT. ( had a crappie pole and hf rig.)  There were too many things stacking up, fatigue, lighting and lightheadedness. I was not about to scamper out on the rock scree and snap a ankle. There is no rescue helicopter in north America that can hover at 14k .   I was out of shape, too much Tillamook ice cream last winter. A very long time ago I learned to listen to my inner alarm. Always the most dangerous part is going back down, my  reserves were saved for that. I summited with a 30 lbs rucksack. I worked two S2S on vhf and burned off most of the Tillamook. I'm happy.

Scotty Wright
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The summit on Handies is huge, so I'm sure something else was the problem. I was there for my 5th summit of that peak on 23 July was my 11 year old's 3rd summit of Handies. Not sure what problem NM5SW was having, but it wasn't summit size on Handies. I've setup a 20 meter half wave dipole on crappie poles on that summit before without issue, other than fast moving weather.

Handies is tied with Uncompahgre for my favorite 14er. Great peak, nice and easy from American Basin.


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Glad you got down from Handies safe, Scotty!  Making good decisions on when to bail due to weather is the most important part of hiking 14ers.  

I had weather come in fast when I activated that peak a few years ago, and I stayed on top too long, paying too much attention to operating and not enough on weather.  Now I keep my head up out of the log more than I did on that occasion.