Handies Peak Activity Reports

Eric Krohn

Here are our logs for Handies Peak.

Our outbound propagation stunk this year. It felt like we were in a black
hole -- signals came in but little went out. I managed just one QSO with
my HT and 3 element yagi. Daniel did significantly better, but that is
probably because he lugged up a 2m FM mobile rig, a lithium battery pack,
and 4 element yagi (he's still hoping for that elusive long-distance QSO
with Longs Peak). Even with that, he only had 10 QSOs. We heard lots of
stations that could not hear us. I listened and called on 446.00 a few
times, but heard nothing at all.

Various people have suggested that the weather may have been a factor.
There was rain to our north. Around 11:00 I returned to my radio to hear
it buzzing oddly. I got shocked repeatedly when I touched it. Laying the
yagi down on the ground stopped the buzzing and shocking, but we hastily
packed up and left the peak. On the hike down we had lots of rain and
3/8" hail. So it was an exciting hike weather-wise, but not radio-wise.

My logs (KC0CAV):

09:55 147.42 KC0JCY Wilson - Kate

My son Daniel's logs (KC0CEN):

09:10 147.435 KC0MOM Bierstadt
09:13 147.435 KC0OTR Pikes Peak
09:36 147.435 WE7C Columbia
09:38 147.45 KC0ADT Quandary
09:42 147.465 K3OG Grays
09:42 147.42 KC0JCY Wilson
10:05 147.435 K0BHM Bross
10:12 147.45 KC0BPX Huron
10:35 147.45 AC7SX Snowmass
10:58 147.45 AA0CM Massive - Andy

Eric Krohn