HF Pack organization

Bob Witte <list@...>

The 14er Event has always had a VHF emphasis to it but we have had
some HF operation most years. Paul W0RW reminded me of the HF Pack group
that exists at, focused on portable/backpack
operation on the high frequency (HF) bands. They also have a yahoo group
called hfpack. This organization might be of interest to you so check out
their web site.

A typical configuration for these HF backpack operators is one
of the small HF transceivers FT-817 or FT-100 or similar, with a
battery and Outbacker antenna all mounted onto an external frame
backpack. For best results, you drag a 20 foot ground wire behind
you as you walk down the trail.

Bob K0NR


Hi Bob & Group
I hope to go to Bierstadt this year. My Shirpas have agreed again to help get
me up.
The only possible problem is we leave the next day for Monterey Historics. It
is 100 year anniversary of Ford racing and My champ Shelby will be there for
me to drive.
We are taking another car also, so #1 Shirpa & I will be pretty busy.

Anyway, we do plan to have hf again, along with vhf. I understand that there
has been work done on the trail so that might help this 75 year old to not
get lost through the willows.

I will start cultivating the pack group on 17 mtrs regarding the 14er event.

I guess 17 mtrs is OK as long as it is not a contest.

I am pretty well back from the lightning strike of last fall.

Hope everyone is doing well and a happy new year.

Best regards

Walt W4HXC