How many of us? - Longs


Jeff -

I've got friends planning a climb of Longs this weekend, I'll try to
get you a trip report early next week. I can say that I've climbed
Longs in both July 2000 (with some snow) and August 1999 (no snow). I
managed OK with nothing but boots, guts, and young legs both times as
a one-day hike. I really doubt you'll need crampons or an ice pick by
Aug. 10th, and they are likely only needed for precaution now.

I'm not sure what you're comfortable with, but I'd recommend #1, you
can always climb to the keyhole and setup a station there. If you go
with option #3, check into Mt. of the Holy Cross, I hear its a nice
overnight hike, especially if you camp near East Cross Creek. See
this trip report from last weekend (note: the author is from Ohio and
flew into DIA two days before this hike)

Either way, good luck, can't wait to work you on the 10th. Chris,
(K0CAO) and I will be on Grays (and maybe Torreys).

It looks like the last part of the climb to the top of Long's Peak
will be unavailable
to us mere mortals, or at least without proper equipment and
training. Due to snow it is
considered a "technical climb", I.E. only try it if you have
crampons and an ice pick
and know how to use them.

We have reserved a 3 day back country permit for the boulder field
sites on the 8th,
9th, and 10th. But we do not have the specialized mountaineering
equipment that will
probably be necessary to go to the top. What do you suggest:

1) Go any way and just go as high as possible.

2) try for Mount Bross, Democrat, or Lincoln?

3) another mountain that a person can camp near the top and climb
the rest of the way on