Huron Peak Sunday Activation

Mark Allsop

Is it just me or are these 14ers getting more difficult each year? Maybe the trails are getting longer? Or perhaps added elevation? Huron Peak shouldn't be particularly challenging, relatively short hike and at 14,003 feet, barely a 14er, but it ate my lunch this year! Still, the view from the top was breathtaking as usual, the contacts were good and the hiking company was exceptional (KT0AMA, my better half and hiker extraordinaire). 

Here is the log from Huron (all contacts on 2 meter and times are local MDT):

1018 KE0HNW, S2S, Terry on Uncompaghre Peak

1025 W0CP, S2S, Walt on Monarch Crest

1026 WE7C, S2S, Glen on South Baldy Mtn

1028 KD0VHD, Kevin in Leadville

1029 KL7GLK, Larry in Leadville

1032 K0NR, S2S, Bob on Mt. Evans

1040 K0JJW, S2S, Joyce on Mt. Evans

1100 KC5JKU, S2S, Jerry on Humboldt Peak

1104 KE0NSB, S2S, Mark on Pikes Peak

1122 N0MTN, Mark near Leadville, providing comms support for the Leadville Boom Days Burro Race

We had a little rain on the way down but barely needed the rain gear. Thanks to all who made the effort and another good 14'er year!

p.s. Did anyone work a California 14er?