June is Here - start climbing

Bob Witte K0NR <k0nr-list@...>

ham14er list:

Wow, here it is June already, so summer must have started!

Now is a good time to figure out your plans for the 14er Event
(August 15th). Post your plans on the web site (in
the "14er Forum" section under "2004 14er Operating Plans"). It is
also a good idea to send a note to the ham14er list indicating your
plans. Remember, the idea is to coordinate with other folks, so we
all don't end up on the same mountain.

Other mountaintopping radio opportunities are the summertime VHF
contests. The ARRL June VHF QSO Party is only a week away (June 12-
13th). You might think about taking your FT-817 (or other SSB rig)
out to your local hilltop (14er or not) and see who you can work. The
big gun SSB stations will be on the air, so it is chance to work some
VHF DX. For more information on working a VHF contest, see

Later in the summer, the CQ Worldwide VHF Contest is held on July 17
& 18. This contest is 6 Meters and 2 Meters only and has
a "hilltopper" category in it. The Hilltopper category is defined as
running 10 Watts PEP or less and operating for up to 6 hours
continuously. This category is aimed directly at folks that want to
operate from a high spot for a reasonable short period of time (not
the entire contest), especially folks that might be "backpack
portable". Does this sound like anyone you know??!!????!!!

Complete contest rules are at: