K0NR K0JJW Colorado 14er Event Report

Bob K0NR

Now to round out the story for the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday, Joyce/K0JJW and I hit trail for Mount Princeton around 5:30AM (at the "upper" trailhead). I had climbed that 14er many years ago, well before SOTA was a thing. Princeton is a majestic peak that towers over Buena Vista and the surrounding area. We see that mountain a lot when we are up at the cabin, so I kept thinking it would be great to activate it for SOTA. Despite it being a popular 14er, it had only been activated 2 times (now 4 times with Joyce and me).

The weather was excellent on a few sprinkles just as we got back to the Jeep.

We pretty much used the FT-90 Transceiver with LiPo battery, operating on 30W into a 3-element Arrow antenna. I did have my very first DMR SOTA contact with Terry/KE0HNW, using my Tytera handheld on 70 cm. I made a few calls on 446.0 MHz but never got a reply.

Here's my log...Joyce's is about the same but with fewer QSOs.

UTC        Band        Md    Callsign

15:38    144MHz    FM    KD0VHD    mobile
15:40    144MHz    FM    KS0E    Jefferson
15:42    144MHz    FM    KI6YMZ    Maroon Peak (W0C/WE-002)
15:46    144MHz    FM    N0MTN    Mount Sherman (W0C/SR-061)
15:47    144MHz    FM    K0ETT    Huron Peak (W0C/SR-010)
15:48    144MHz    FM    WA6MM    Mount Bierstadt (W0C/PR-015)
15:49    144MHz    FM    KN0MAP
15:50    144MHz    FM    KD0YOB    on his way up Mt Flora
15:53    144MHz    FM    KE0HNW
15:54    144MHz    FM    KE0RMY
15:55    433MHz    DV    KE0HNW    My first DMR contact for SOTA
15:57    144MHz    FM    W0AJO
16:17    144MHz    FM    K0BLL    Mount Belford (W0C/SR-006)
16:30    144MHz    FM    W0ASB    Mount Antero (W0C/SR-003)

I also worked a few more stations on our way down but we were off the summit by then. I've submitted a chaser log for those.

Our story about Sunday is below....kind of disappointing but safety first. I know lots of other people reported issues with the weather.
Like Brad/WA6MM said, this is one advantage of doing the event over the whole weekend...more options if one day is stormy.

Thanks to everyone that came out to play!

73 Bob

Bob Witte / K0NR / @K0NR /

On 05-Aug-18 1:35 PM, 'Bob Witte (K0NR)' @K0NR [ham14er] wrote:
Joyce/K0JJW and I headed up Mt Antero today for the 14er Event. The wx
forecast showed storms coming in around noon so we wanted to be ahead of
Instead we encountered rain while driving to the trail, so we decided to
divert to Mount White, which is a 13er nearby but a shorter hike. We
were hoping we could squeeze in a quick activation. Got about half way
up that summit when we heard lightning nearby so abandoned the effort.
This all happened around 9 AM.

Oh well. Next year.

73 Bob K0NR