Kit Carson Peak/Challenger Point

Terry Carter

Hey everyone! Tyler (KE0RMY), Jenna And I all had a great weekend camping and hiking to Challenger Point and Kit Carson Peak. Here are photos from Kit Carson Peak and Challenger Point! Thanks for the contacts!

Here’s my log:

We weren’t sure if the weather would hold, so we headed down after only 30 minutes. It’s a long hike back to treeline! Thanks everyone for the event!

Terry (KE0HNW)

Vince Vella

Glad you did since for a while all I could reach were you two! I typed a trip report but maybe it's lost in the yahoo ether, if not I will go back and add it. The funny part was just a few hundred feet over from where you were full quieting but I couldn't reach anyone I was suddenly able to close link with Mt. Belford.

73s, Vince KI6ASW