kq6ee is prepare for Colorado trip!!!!


Kq6ee is doing training hike to plan to hike those 14 er in Colorado. Last
Saturaday, I hiked up Mt. Baden Powell ( 9399 feet ) to do vhf contest; I
run 6 miles everyday around Rose Bowl in Pasadena because Rose Bowl
is very close to my work QTH ( almost walking distance ). This weekend,
I will hike up to San Gorgorio peak which is highes peak in Southern
Califonia (11000+). In July, I plan to hike up to White Mountain which is
third highest peak in California (14000+). I haven't decide which peak I
would go on August 15. May be go the highest peak in Colorado (Elbert).
I AM READY. IF the weather is bad at that week, I will visit the ZOO and
do some sightseeing. Looking forward for that week. I posted some
pictures on last Saturday's June QSO PARTY on ARRL website. 73 to all.

Hon Chu

Kq6ee will get that 5 peak award