listen to KQ6EE on FM or SSB between August 10 to 17


Hi: yesterday I picked up my airline ticket. I will start my hiking
adventure on August 10. I will arrive at Denver Airport at 11:30 pm (
after work ). Then I will rent a car, and sleep at Motel 6. The first peak
that I will go is Mt. Evans. Then, continue my excited vacation. I will
bring my FT-817 and other HT from 6 m to 1.2 ghz. I don't know
whether I should bring all my gears or not, because of the airport
security. Whoever want to join me to go hiking, backpacking are
welcome. Just give me any repeater frequency which we can meet. And
don't forget to bring your camera. See you all at the peak and call
CQ,CQ. 73

Hon Chu is coming