log from Columbia

kb7asm2000 <gnoble@...>

The log from Columbia

W0MKE Kenosha Pass 9:30 147.435
KC0CEN Handies Peak 9:35 147.45
KC0ADT Quandry 9:40 147.45
WT0I Buena Vista 9:41 147.465
KC0OTR Pikes Peak 9:45 147.435
N0BN Elbert 9:54 147.45
KB0SNI Wilson 10:02 147.42
W6OAL Parker 10:05 147.42
AB0YC Massive 10:09 147.42
N7AYR Evans 10:13 147.42
N0XDW Longs Peak 10:16 147.45
KC0JCY Wilson 10:21 147.42
K3OG Grays 10:25 147.435

Please provide any corrections as communications between the
operator and logger were not always the best.

The crew on Columbia was Glen WE7C, Rick KC7YHA, and Dennis K7FL

The equipment was a FT-51, 5W, handheld either into a 1/2 wave hot
rod or a 4 element beam. We also had an 817, and other batteries as
well as a 440 beam but did not break them out as the clouds were
building when we got to the summit. We were about a 1/2 hour late
due to a wrong turn and having to work our way out of a steep scree
field. We ran for cover about 10:30 as clouds were building in from
both the east and the west. As we got back to out tents, this was an
overnighter, it started raining and lightning.

The weather was more of a factor this year than in the past but we
all enjoyed the event and hope to be back next year.

As always the RF was intense, several stations contending for the
frequency at times, but with FM I don't know what could be done
different. I'm sure the stations that don't hear the activity from
the summits sometimes wonder what is going on with the stations on
the peaks.

Glen WE7C