Mount Massive Almost...- 13'er?

Karl_Gross <karlg@...>

Went to Half Moon Trail Head late Saturday. Started "short" route up
about 6 a.m. 2 miles, about 2500 ft. up (13016 max elev per GPS) ran
out of steam after coughing fit. Fired up D7 and small beam, only one
two-way contact, with San Luis. Monitored Bross, Bierstadt on 2 m. I
was in a horrible location, SW side of mountain, looking at Elbert
and 13k+ peaks to the SW. APRS was receiving from all over, but my
signal was swamped and apparently I didn't get out w/5 watts. Down by
14:30, knees rubber by 13:45.

Lessons Learned -
Decide to do something before the three days prior to event.
Take the 'easy' and popular way up, not the 'short' one.
Do some training / aerobics before trip other than aggressive typing
at desk and 12 fl. oz. curls of adult beverages.
Be sure hot tub available for after descent. My legs are killing me.
(Only 1 blister, though.)
Volunteer for drive-up peak next year!

Sorry no more contacts from my 13.019'er station.

Limping around town, feeling old and fat....