Mountains (Bross)

Dan Hupp <dhupp4@...>

I'd love to borrow your 6M beam for the event Walt, I've got a mast setup
for my jeep that worked great last year even if I didn't make many contacts
but I was using a borrowed antenna. Satellite work would be fun & I'll
leave that to you, I have a 2M/70cm beam that works great for that if you
want to borrow it, a Cushcraft 5 element that prefers a mast of some sort &
is a bit front-heavy.

I expect the major problems will again be on 2M and am thinking of breaking
it up into time segments for FM or SSB along with requesting a power limit
of 100W during the event & only during a contact, 10W would be best on 2M
for CQ so we don't interfere with the folks on Lincoln & Democrat, shouldn't
be much calling from Bross on 2M in the first place, you can hear every
other 14er in the state from there with a decent antenna if you listen.

I expect several folks to just show up if the road is good and figure on
leaving 2M FM open to all with an emphasis on getting as many Mt. Bross
operators contacting other 14er stations as possible so folks on VHF/UHF SSB
might have to shut down at times, not sure how many other peaks will want to
make contact with a gaggle of folks on Bross so I'm very open to other ideas
on what to do about 2M operations, I don't want contacts like Mt. Blanca to
be lost like last year. Nobody has signed up for any of the San Juans yet
but Larry & Ron are going to try Yale, don't want to miss them.

I'm also looking for ideas on communication between operators on the
mountaintop (Bross) so we don't stomp on each other, running back & forth
did not work very well last year.

Next year (2003) I plan to be safely sitting atop Hayden pass playing
telescope & making a few 14er contacts from a more reasonable altitude of
12,000 feet unless I come up with something less sane by then.

73 Dan N0TZL


As far as I am concerned, you are the Boss. The key is for everyone to let
you know they are coming and then for you to come up with a plan we all agree

If it is like 2000 on Evans, I could spend all my time on 20mtrs. 15, 10 and
6 were poor then, just made a few contacts. But I could only take so much of
that. It was like being a DX station on a rare island. But I would like to
work some 2 & 70cm. But sure open to assigned time schedule and FM/SSB

I will have nothing over 100 watts, and all can be turned down.

My HF ant is vertical.
My 6mtr beam is 5 element, and with pvc pipe mast should be able to go
horizontal or vertical. I'm sure you can have the use of it.

I hope to go up before the event to get the lay out. It sure looks like a big
round summit. I hope we can spread out a bit.

I have a mast for my Wagoneer and another free standing.

My two Shirpas and I plan to camp overnight just below the top so we can get
an early start.

Next year, God willing, I will be 75 and hope to be on Bierstadt.

How about one end of 70cm for HT intercom between Bross stations and others
close by?


Walt W4HXC

Dan Hupp <dhupp4@...>

No suggestions Walt? I'm treading water here & looking for ideas. I'm
assuming that several folks will show up that morning per usual without
informing anybody, thats fine with me as there is no way to control it, I
need to plan for it but need all the help I can get.

You and your shapers might want to stay the night before down around the
12,000ft level where I camp, it's about 30mins to the top from there
assuming the road is somewhat intact, if you want to camp higher there are
several spots I can point out but the wind will probably make you wish you
had stayed below timberline. I plan on being up there the Thursday before
the event & to have checked out the road by Saturday, don't think I'll need
to dig out the shovel this year as the D8 should have everything in fine
shape by then.

The summit of Bross is aprox. 1 mile long by .5 mile wide so there is plenty
of room to spread out, on the other hand there are not many tracks about the
summit so sticking together will not arouse the wrath of the hikers (many of
them every year) and has been the method followed in the past, it's much
easier to take pictures if everyone is clustered about the South summit & we
can flash mirrors to the North from there with no problems.

3 months to go,
Dan Hupp N0TZL