Move to Complete

Bob K0NR

The ham14er Yahoo group has been successfully moved to
I think we will like the experience better on, but if you encounter any issues let me know and we will work them out.

The main thing you need to do is remove ham14er@... from your address book and use this address to send to the new group:   (This email address also works: )

Access the group on the web here -- supports the notion of a "subgroup", so I have created a subgroup that is private to the Colorado 14er Task Force. Members of that group are: Bob/K0NR, Dan/N0TZL, Steve/WG0AT, Glen/WE7C and Brad/WA6MM.

Please note that this ham14er group does overlap a bit with the Colorado SOTA group:
It seems that the w0c-sota group is frequented by active SOTA activators in Colorado (49 members), with regular discussions of SOTA activations, snow conditions, summit access challenges, etc. The ham14er group is focused more on the Colorado 14er Event in August and has attracted a larger audience (267 members) but with most of the messages concentrated in the summer months. We will see some double posting at times and that is just fine.

Reminder: the Colorado 14er Event is always Saturday and Sunday of the first full weekend in August. That's August 3 and 4 in 2019.

Bob K0NR
President, Colorado 14er Event Task Force

Scott Bastian

Bob thanks for the move, most of the forums I follow have made this same migrations. And from what I have seen all are have been seamless like this one!

73 Scott AK6Q


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