Mt. Bross report N0TZL

Dan Hupp <dhupp4@...>

Hi All,

Only did an overnighter this time and remembered why I usually try to camp a few nights ahead as we all left the summit about 11:40 because the altitude was affecting us. Met KC7GF Art & his wife N7AYR (I already forgot her name, AARGH) Saturday evening and they managed to find their way up the hill a bit behind me in the morning, didn't have anybody else show up and that was a bit disappointing. It was clear, cool and very windy at 8:30 so I didn't set up the 2M/440 beam until about 9:30 after the wind had died down to a minor gale, enjoyed the view from atop my favorite 14er & watched some hot air balloons come up through the clouds in South Park, then Art & his wife arrived and we got ready for the event. Everyone had fun, talked to several hikers, flashed mirrors at Torreys (need something better than a CD Mark, couldn't even see that in the binos), took in the view some more and then we headed back down.

Only got 7 peaks this year, Pikes, Evans, San Luis, Antero, Lincoln, Handies, Evans & Torreys. 6M SSB was very dead but I did talk to KB0UAA on Evans & W0FD on San Luis on 50.125, one of these years the band will open up during the event and that will be a blast.

One of my other hobbies, astronomy will interfere with the 14ers event next year but I'll probably be on Hayden pass playing telescope & attempting to take pictures of Mars so I'll see how many peaks I can work from there.

Dan Hupp N0TZL

K. Mark Caviezel

what kind of mirror were you using ? how big ?

it was visible naked eye, but only if you were looking
directly at it (I initially was looking two peaks
over) from Torrey's. My GPS said it was 26.3 miles
from Torrey's to Bross.

- KMC kc0jhq

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Dan Hupp <dhupp4@...>

Hi Mark,

Art was using a real live 3"X5" signal mirror & I was using the 2"X3" one in
my compass. Had good luck flashing Torreys last year.

73 Dan N0TZL