Mt Eolus Report and Culebra Info

peterdecent <bunchmania@...>

Greetings all,

I made two contacts from just below the peak of Mt Eolus during the
2003 14er event; one with KB0SNI on Mt Wilson and the other with my
father, NOJXB, in Tucson via the Mega Link. I know the latter QSO
doesn't really count but we have been trying to make this contact for
several 14er events without success. I was a little dissapointed
with the number of contacts I made when compared with previous years
but I'm already looking forward to next year!
The peak of Mt Eolus eluded us due to rapid cloud building in the
area. Turning around in what appeared to be fair weather was a smart
decision as about one hour later, when our elevation was much lower
and the terrain not nearly as treacherous, the clouds exploded with
lightning and hail. Remember: He (or she) who hikes and runs away
lives to hike another day.

The CMC had two hikes scheduled for Culebra this year. Their
criteria according to their publication "Trail and Timberline"
1. Membership in CMC (I think).
2. Experience hiking up 50 (yes, that's fifty) other 14ers.
Previously this was 25.
3. Entering the lottery with other eager hikers and selected as one
of the chosen few.

Steve, KC0GBK