New 14er Event Flyer


I can print some at work and take them to the Convention, Bob.

It might be easier for me to access the flyer at work if you could send it to
me as an attachment.

How many do you want?

Daniel NØBN

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Bob Witte K0NR <k0nr-list@...>

I updated the one page publicity flyer for the Colorado 14er Event
and posted it at the yahoo groups site.

The file is in Rich Text Format, so it should be readable by all word
processing programs.

Please forward this file onto your club newsletter editor, etc.

Also, we could really use some help taking some flyers to the
Colorado ARRL Division Convention in Estes Park next weekend.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend due to another commitment.
Yet me know if you are planning on going and can take some flyers

Bob K0NR