New Colorado 14er Event Web Site

Bob Witte K0NR <k0nr-list@...>

Chris K0CAO has agreed to take on the duty of webmaster for the
Colorado 14er Event web site. Chris has kept the existing content but
has totally redesigned the overall web site, with some really cool
enhancements. I won't go into describing it here as it is better to
just have you check it out yourself.

Chris set up a simpler domain name:
but the existing domain name will continue to work indefinitely
( You can use either one.

You will notice some message/email capability on the new site. You
can start using that now but we will also keep the ham14er yahoo
group functioning. We have not decided to change the use of the yahoo
group and we'll keep you informed as things develop.

Comments welcome on the new web site. It has lots of possibilities
and I am sure Chris is looking for feedback.


Bob K0NR