One more week!! I am excited!!! Are You!!!


Hi everybody: kq6ee is coming to town on the 10th. 11th: I will drive to
Mt. Evans, 12th: Grays and Torreys Peak, 13th: Mt. Bross, Democrat and
Lincoln, 14th, 15th: may be Belford, Oxford, Miss. and Elbert, or so on.
16th: Pike Peak. 17th: back to Denver and fly home. For sure, I will
work on 2m, 70cm fm and ssm. I will bring my FT-817 and other HT to
work from HF to 1.2 Ghz. I will stay in KOA at Buena Vista from 13th to
15th so far. I might change my plan because I like to arrive at the
tailhead very, very early ( 4 or 5 o'clock ). So listen to kq6ee calling
CQ,CQ on the air. Looking forward to meet everybody on the air or face
to face: shake hand, hug, kiss WHATEVER.


S. Ca. come to Co.