Pikes Peak Report 2002

Bob Witte, K0NR <list@...>

2002 Colorado 14er Event - Pikes Peak results

Here are the results from Pikes Peak for the 2002 14er Event.

The Pikes Peak operation included 7 stations:
50 MHz FM Station
146 MHz FM Station
222 MHz FM Station
440 MHz FM Station
HF station
APRS 2M FM Station (144.39 MHz)
Net Control Station (Colorado Connection)

The QSO totals are as follows:
2002 2001 2000
50 MHz 14
146 MHz 46 39 50
222 MHz 5 1 2
440 MHz 26 18 20
HF Bands 70 74 18

Total 161 139 117

The QSO totals are larger than the past two years
which is consistent with our general impression of
having more activity during the event.

We heard many stations on APRS but we don't have
an exact count. We made a few casual contacts
keyboard to keyboard. I have not included
these in the totals.

14er Stations
There were not as many 14er stations on this year
and we worked only 7 of them. Our best 14er DX was on
2M FM to KC0CEN and KC0CAV on Handies Peak for a
distance of 147.9 miles. This was also our best overall
VHF DX contact.

Net Control
Dave N0IPQ ran the information net from our location
via the Colorado Connection Repeater System.
Dave made announcements about every 15 minutes and
had relatively few requests for information.

We had a great crew again this year on Pikes Peak.
Thanks to everyone that came out and operated.

Bob Witte K0NR
Joyce Witte KA0DEH
Rachel Witte KC0ETU
Stephen Moraco KC0FTQ
Dave Allen N0IPQ
Stan Zubiel WA0Z
Matt Zubiel KC0LBA