Quandary Peak Activation W0C/PR-014, Sunday January 22nd [1 Attachment]

Joyce Witte

Congratulations on making it to the top but sounds like it was miserable up there. All that hard work and no contacts is no fun at all. So sorry it turned out this way. I hope you will heal quickly and be ready to be out and hiking again soon. 

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I spent four and a half hours climbing up Quandary, this morning and made the summit a little before noon. I tried setting up my Yaesu 817 but with the high winds, my fingers were so cold that they would not work very well. My hat was riding up off my ears and I got some frostbite on my ear lobes. They thawed out and are a little swollen. I threw my radio gear back in my backpack and headed back down. I’ll post my pictures on





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I have tried to activate this 14er the last two Sundays. On the 8th I did not have snowshoes and gave up after an hour of post holing. On the 15th, I hiked for almost 5 hours but being slow, it was noon and I was still a ways from the summit. I turned around at 13,500 ft. One of my snowshoe poles broke on me.


I am trying again tomorrow, Sunday January 22nd. I have been thinking about what gear I was trying to carry that I did not really need. I have better, smaller snowshoes with more teeth to use. Ill get an earlier start.


I am going to try to be on 7-ssb,14.285-ssb,144.200-ssb and 50.125-ssb. I hope to be calling CQ by noon.