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Bob K0NR

While we are on the topic of SOTA infrastructure, you might want to go ahead and register with the SOTA database:

This is where you log SOTA contacts, track the summits you've chased and activated, accumulate SOTA points (chaser and activator) and qualify for awards. I have to admit its a lot of fun to keep track of this. I've set a few goals for myself in terms of activating and chasing mountains, been working towards them. This web site has some good SOTA info for Colorado:

The 14er event weekend will give you a good jump start. If you are on a summit, you can probably work 10 or 20 other peaks. Ten 14ers, worth 10 points each, let you accumulate 100 chaser points right there. Not that we are keeping score or anything. :-)

73, Bob K0NR

Bob Witte / K0NR / @K0NR /

On 7/30/2016 9:04 PM, 'Bob Witte (K0NR)' @K0NR [ham14er] wrote:
Some of you may already know about the system which allows
you to 1) indicate when in intend to activate a SOTA peak ("ALERT") and
2) indicate that you or someone you worked is actually on the air from a
summit ("SPOT"). This is a very cool system that you should consider
using. If most of our operators get "spotted" then you will be able to
see who's on the air in real time (or close to it).

There are smartphone apps that access this system...that's what you want
to use when out climbing. Often, but not always, you'll have enough
mobile phone coverage to use the app from the summit. I use SOTA Goat
for my iPhone and it works great. There are Android apps available but I
am not familiar with them.

If this is of interest, you should go ahead and get registered on the web site and get familiar with the system now.

If you are sitting at home chasing summits, then SOTAwatch is definitely
your friend to help you see who's on the air and what frequency/band
they are using.

73, Bob K0NR