Safety Reminder

Bob K0NR

Be sure to keep safety as your top priority when hiking in the Colorado mountains. Every year hikers and climbers get killed (yes, killed, as in killed dead) in the Colorado mountains. *Take a look at the safety information: *Be especially mindful of the lightning danger when traveling above timber line, it is your greatest hazard.

Here's a excerpt from that page...

Know Your Limitations

* Get in shape in the off-season. Even the easiest 14er routes require
proper conditioning.
* Not everyone is fit enough for every hike. Understand when your body
is telling you to turn back.
* Make sure you have the proper skills to tackle the route. Many 14er
routes can turn from easy hiking to technical climbing in a hurry.
* Make sure all of the people in your group have the proper skills for
the route.
* Turn back if necessary.

Safe Trekking

* Start early.
* Pay attention at all times. The altitude may impair your judgment,
so it is very important to stay alert.
* Keep a safe distance from other hikers.
* If you are climbing a steep slope or gully, be careful not to send
debris down on other climbers.
* Bring a cell phone or satellite phone.
* Drink plenty of water.

Watch the Weather

* Pick up a book on weather so you know how to "read" the sky and
predict weather as best as possible.
* Check the weather forecast the night before your trip.
* Dark, brewing clouds are bad.
* *During summer, lightning is your main problem on a 14er. *Start
early and turn back if a thunderstorm is brewing.

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