Second Mt. Bross log

acbross <kc7gf@...>

Hello to the group,

Thanks, Dan, for answering all my emails about Mt. Bross (my
namesake). Dan was kind enough to give me some pointers through a
flurry of last minute emails just before last weekend.

I think N7AYR is Kathy (I'll have to check for sure)

Thanks to Dan's instructions and his furry sidekick we made it up to
the peak sometime after he arrived. Don't try this trip without 4WD
and granny gears. Old mining roads and lots of loose rock. (was so
scarry I had to close my eyes a couple of times and I was driving!)

Pretty cold and windy when we arrived but warmed up to quite nicely
by the time we left just after noon. Great views of Evans, Torres,
Longs, Pikes Peak and others with blue skys and very few clouds.

Was using a Kenwood TM741 @ 25 watts with roof mounted 3db gain
antenna as Dan said it was a little to windy initially to put up the
Arrow beam we brought. The one 6m contact was made on the mounting
post for the Hustler HF antenna, not quite resonant at 52megs I found
out later.

Log for (KC7GF/N7AYR) on Mt. Bross 8-26-02 by band

time freq location name call

9:?? 147.435 Handies Peak - Daniel - KC0CEN (longest contact -
175mi ?)
9:?? 147.420 Torres Peak - Mark - KC0JHG
9:25 147.435 Quandry Peak - Rob - WD0HHG
9:26 147.435 Mt. Antero - Mike - KC0EFR
9:27 147.435 Woodland Park - Dave - N0PCD
10:13 147.420 Mt. Antero - Carol - KC0MOM
10:22 147.435 San Luis Pk. - Glenn - WE7C
10:42 147.420 Parker - Dave - W6OAL
10:50 147.420 Mt. Bierstsdt - Dirk - KC0EXR
10:51 147.420 Mt. Evans - Larry - KC7KDZ
12:?? 147.420 Longs Peak - Steve - KC0GBK

9:30 446.000 Pikes Peak - Joyce - K0YB
9:34 446.000 Fairplay - Ray - W0IVB
9:56 446.000 Mt. Evans - Chris - KB0UAA (KB0GGW)
10:09 446.000 Torres Pk. - Mark - KC0JHG
11:11 446.000 Mt. Lincoln - Greg - W0EPK (shortest contact - could
have waved)
11:20 446.000 James Peak - Chris - K0CAO (not 14er)

10:50 50.525 Pikes Peak - Joyce - K0YB

Tried out 14.260 with the 817 but was having too much fun on vhf/uhf
so nothing heard there.

Was an interesting fun day but probably won't be doing this one again
unless someone has a helicopter to spare. Met several hikers on top
that wondered what we were up to. Some even asked us for directions
(like we knew??) Got some stange looks from the hikers/bikers on the
way down. Sure glad we didn't meet any cars going down as there are
few places to pass and the road is extremely rocky. Will see if there
is any room to post some pictures.

Thanks to everyone in the group. 73

Art (KC7GF) and Kathy (N7AYR) Bross
(Maybe a distant relative of Lt. Gov. William T. Bross that Mt. Bross
was named for, but no positive proof yet.)