Skunked on Sunshine and Redcloud

Terry Carter

Hi everyone!
I was skunked on Redcloud and Sunshine today.  First the hike:
Due to extreme/severe weather conditions in the area yesterday afternoon, the road to the main Grizzly Gulch Trailhead was washed out in three places, trapping people without 4x4  at the trailhead.  The 4x4s can still go over Cinnamon Pass and out to Silverton!  SO, I got to a temporary gate blocking the road this morning and turned around and parked at the Mill Creek Campground.  I planned to attempt Sunshine from the east slope.  At the campground, I ran into a man who had hiked the pair yesterday, and his car was still stuck at the trailhead!  According to him, SAR & Hinsdale Sheriff Department managed to get stranded hikers out after clearing enough of the road to get a vehicle up to the TH to pick them up! I saw the vehicle coming back to Lake City and it was some kind of military style people mover.  Anyway, he warned me about how fast and intense the storms were yesterday.  SO with all of this info, I started up the backside of Sunshine.  I got to treeline, and checked the clouds.  There were some ugly looking clouds gathering in several directions.  I was still one mile and 2000 vertical feet from Sunshine's summit.  After hearing the information about yesterday, I decided to call it. 

SO, on to the radio action: I set up my beam and radio to see if I could get any contacts.  Unfortunately, in this location, I was blocked by Sunshine, Redcloud and another 13er to get the line of sight to the mountains being activated today! So after 30 minutes, I ate some leftover pizza and started headed down. About half way back to the car, I made contact on 52 with KT0AM on Mt. Shavano using my Baofeng and rubber duck antenna... go figure.  At least I made ONE contact!

Weird day, but it turned out to be a nice hike.  Like we've all said before... there's always next year!  I'm in the process of uploading photos.  I'll send a link shortly!  Thanks again everyone for setting this up!

Terry (KE0HNW)