Snowmass Mtn. report

Joe Delwiche

Participants: Joe Delwiche (AC7SX), Mark Delwiche, Robert Waring. We left
the trailhead just west of Snowmass Village on the afternoon of Friday the 8th,
and camped that night near the beaver ponds. From that point it was only a
couple of miles and about 800 ft vertical to Snowmass Lake. There was some
time on Saturday to prepare for the event. We left the camp at the northeast end
of the lake about 5:30 am on Sunday, and probably would have almost made the
summit by start time except for conflicting information on the best route for
the ascent of the steep part near the top. Therefore, my first contact was
not until almost 10:30 am. All contacts were with other 14ers although I called
QRZ many times for flatland or valley stations and all contacts were on 2m
although I tried briefly on 20 m and 6 m. All times are MDT.


Kate, KC0JCY, Wilson Peak, 10:28
Bob, AB0EQ, Bierstadt, 10:33
Daniel, KC0CEN, Handies, 10:35
Michael, KC0BPX, Huron, 10:56
Kristin, KC0INX, leaving Bierstadt
Daniel, N0BN, Elbert (at 13,000 ft), 11:06
Andy, AA0CM, Massive, 11:07
Peter, K30G, Grays, 11:21

Also heard, no QSO:

KC0ADT, Quandary
KC0CAO, Grays
KG0SH, Evans

I believe I also heard Longs Peak shortly after setting up. We were actually
getting ready to leave the summit by shortly after 11:00 but made one or two
final calls before the lightning began getting too close. Time on the summit
limited the number of contacts possible. We stayed at Snowmass Lake again
Sunday night and hiked back to the trailhead on Monday. Overall, it was a lot of
fun. I have some pictures.

registered on Yahoo but haven't been able to get to the 14er page since
registering. Probably I'm not remembering the password correctly, although I
thought I had it right. Is it easiest just to re-register using a new ID and

73, see you in next year's event.