Too late for this year :-((

K. Mark Caviezel

Sorry to hear you missed it. I'm kinda new to
Colorado and ham radio, this year was my first ham
14er, I thought it was fun.
If you are coming down to operate on a 14er next year,
yes there are plenty of peaks that you could claim as
your own. Note that, even though I live at 5600 feet
elevation, getting to the top of Torrey's peak was no
pic-nic. Jumping right from your presumed near sea
level environment to the top of a 14k foot mountain
could be difficult, physiologically, even if you are
in quite good shape. There are plenty of books
concerning the Colorado 14ers. Check one of em out
and follow all the high altitude suggestions. I
imagine your comfort level will be highest if you
could acclimatize to 5000+ feet for several days
before going up a 14er, but I know how little vacation
time most of us Americans usually have at our
Anyways, hope to 'see' you out here next year.

- KMC kc0jhq

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