Torrey's Peak

K. Mark Caviezel

Hello all:
newer ham, 1st ham 14er event.
wow! what great weather!!!!
I was on top of Torrey's Peak, didn't make it up there
until about 9:50 am, and proceeded to work hams on Mt.
Bross, Longs Peak (he didn't get all the way up until
11, I've heard Longs is a double lung buster), Mt
Antero, Pikes Peak, Beirstadt (sp?) & Lincoln, and
probably a couple I have forgotten.

I brought 4 or 5 HTs, and 2m and 70 cm yagis. I also
brought some CDROMs to use for mirror flash. The
folks on Mt Bross did a good job shooting mirror
flashes my way, but traffic on the 2m frequency got
kinda thick and I didn't hear if they could see mine.
Probably next year, I'll bring a less equipment and
more sunblock.

- KMC kc0jhq

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