Use of 146.52 MHz During the 14er Event

Bob K0NR

Way back in the way back machine, we tried using 146.52 MHz for 2m fm contacts in the Colorado 14er Event.
We proved that we are able to completely overload that frequency. It was a hot mess with sooooo many signals on the air.
Since then, we tried a couple of different approaches to spread things out, settling in on designating a set of simplex frequencies in the 147 MHz range.

The issue we've seen lately is that standard SOTA practice in Colorado is to use the calling frequency (146.52 MHz), so people have naturally used that frequency during the 14er event. This recreates the same problem that we worked to avoid years ago.

The web site says this:

2m FM Frequencies Most of the 14er hikers carry FM handheld radios, so 2 Meters can be very busy. Start out operating on the Primary frequency (147.42 MHz) and then move on up as the activity increases. Don't just hang out on 147.42 MHz !!! 

 147.420 FM    Simplex Primary 2m FM Frequency 
 147.450 FM    Simplex Alternate  
 147.480 FM    Simplex Alternate  
 147.510 FM    Simplex Alternate  

What about 146.52 MHz?
 You may want to put a call out on 146.52 MHz, FM National Calling Frequency and common 2m FM SOTA frequency. However, we will completely overrun this frequency if everyone uses it during the Colorado 14er Event. So it is best to move contacts over to 147.42 MHz and higher, spreading out the action.

So you may find it useful or even necessary to put out a call on 146.52 MHz but then move the action over to the designated frequencies.

Complete info on frequencies for all bands is here:
Bob Witte  bob@k0nr