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Some of the ham14er group might be interested in a new Yahoo group
focused on VHF (and higher) QRP operation. This will include
mountaintop operation and VHF contesting (description below).
The group name is "VHFQRP"

Bob K0NR

VHF QRP Yahoo Group

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This group is for the discussion of VHF QRP amateur radio
operating. "VHF" means frequencies above 50 MHz and "QRP" means low
power, usually defined as 5 Watts or less.

QRP is associated with basic, low power, portable radio equipment,
often used portable in outdoor settings. This group covers everything
that fits into the definitions of VHF and QRP, including mountaintop
portable operating, backpack radio operating, VHF contesting (QRP
category) and for sale items.

Most VHF QRP operating is on SSB and CW (Morse code), but any mode
can be discussed in this group. The emphasis is on simplex (not
repeater) operation.

Any questions, contact the moderator: Bob K0NR k0nr@...