W0C SOTA Dinner Invitation - Mar 24th 6 PM Centennial, CO - RSVP required

Bob K0NR

Ham14er group,

This is going out to the Colorado 14er Event list. You are all invited to attend the informal Summits On The Air (SOTA) dinner in March.
This is an informal event that we've done the past two years. It is a great chance to meet people that you've been talking to on the air.

Also note that we have established a Colorado (W0C) SOTA group on "" for local SOTA discussions.

73 Bob K0NR

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Subject: [w0c-sota] W0C SOTA Dinner Invitation - Mar 24th 6 PM Centennial, CO - RSVP required
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2019 14:48:24 -0700
From: Bob K0NR <@K0NR>

Announcing the 2019 W0C (Colorado) Summits On The Air Dinner

*Sunday March 24, 2019^at 6 pm***

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery <>

9627 E County Line Rd, Centennial, CO 80112 <> ·
(303) 792-9090

See menu here:

We will order off the regular menu and receive individual bills, plan on an 18% gratuity built-in due to the large group size.

We have a large private room ("Buffalo Lounge") reserved that will easily handle our group with room to spare. This should be a really sweet venue for us, a nice upgrade over previous dinners. I need to provide a reasonably accurate headcount 4 days in advance of the event, so I will be tracking RSVPs carefully, so please help me out on that.

Dinner details:

   We will go around the room and do introductions of everyone.
   Other than that, no agenda, no organization, just have fun, pay for your meal
   Please wear something with your name/callsign (name tag, shirt, cap, etc.) to aid in making connections
       (we've found that to be very helpful in past years)
   Feel free to bring small show-and-tell items (but keep it compact and lightweight...this is SOTA!)

_Please forward this_ to anyone you know that might be interested.
Everyone is welcome, including out-of-town visitors.
_RSVP back to Bob K0NR_: @K0NR so we have an accurate count for the reservation.

I'll be sending guest list updates to the w0c-sota group here:

73 Bob K0NR

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