Web Features of Ham14er Group

Dan Hupp <dhupp4@...>

Hi All,

It was just brought to my attention that some of you folks who found
yourselves moved here when I moved the mailing list a couple of years
ago may not have gained access to the web features of our Yahoo group
but would like to (I can be a bit slow to notice these things).

It's easy to do if you already belong to other Yahoo groups, just log
into a group you already belong to and click "My Groups" in the
upper, right hand corner. Then click in the "Edit my Groups" box
near the top and set a profile for this group - Ham14ers. If
Ham14ers is not on your list there should be a "Search for my Groups"
box at the bottom of the page and as long as the email address you
use here is registered with your Yahoo profile this group should show
up and you just need to add it into your groups.

If you are not already signed up with Yahoo groups or have trouble
with the above just reply to this message or send an email from the
address you use on the list to dhupp4@... and I will try to
solve the problem.

Of course those of you who want nothing to do with Yahoo or don't
want to access the web features do not need to do anything, the group
will continue to work as an email list as it always has.

Dan Hupp

Dan Hupp <dhupp4@...>

And of course I managed to shoot myself in the foot with the prior message,
the group name is "Ham14er" no "s" on the end of it. Gads, hope there is no
ham14ers group but haven't checked.

73, N0TZL Dan