Wilderness Protocol

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The ARRL Wilderness Protocol

Here is a reminder for backcountry use of amateur radio. The Wilderness
protocol (see page 101, August 1995 QST) calls for hams to announce their
presence on, and to monitor, the national calling frequency 146.52 MHz for
five minutes at 7 AM, 10 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM and 7PM local time while in the
backcountry. A ham in a remote location may be able to relay emergency
information through another wilderness ham who has better access to a
repeater. Primary usage is on 2 Meters (146.52 MHz) but other calling
frequencies may be used: 52.525, 223.50, 446.00, 1294.50 MHz.

Bob Witte K0NR
(formerly KB0CY)